Taco Project’s Taco Project will launch its first app and launch a podcast

Taco Project has been building out a mobile app that’s being billed as the first of its kind.

The app will be called Taco Project, and will allow users to get a “virtual taco” of any food item and share it with others.

The taco is projected to launch in the first quarter of 2019.

The Taco Project app will not include any real-time feeds, according to Taco Project founder and CEO Matt Legg, but the taco will include photos and videos that are captured from a taco truck’s camera feed.

The videos will be stored locally on the user’s device, and can be viewed on the taco project’s website.

Legg said that taco project will not only allow users in the US to customize their tacos, but also offer information about the taco to the world.

The site will also include taco recipe videos and information about tacos in general.

In addition to tacos, Legg has said that the taco app will feature a food sharing feature, where users will be able to share their tacos with each other.

This feature will be implemented on the Taco Project mobile app.

The tacos, as well as the taco videos, will be made available through Taco Project in the future, and Legg confirmed that Taco Project is working on the app’s launch in early 2019.

A Taco Project website for the app says that it will feature an interactive “Taco Project” feed where users can create and share tacos and videos.

LeGG said that he hopes that the app will become a platform for tacos and video sharing.

The service will also allow users “to see taco reviews, videos, and more on the fly” via the app, and that the service will eventually allow users on other platforms to share tacos.

In a recent interview with The Verge, LeGG noted that the Taco Plan will not offer an ad-supported model.

Leff said that Taco Plan is a platform that lets users create their own taco recipes, but Taco Project does not plan on making its own taco-style apps or offering advertising to users.

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