The Odin Project, the first Arduino project, is winning the Arduino Awards!

The Odina project has been awarded the first of three awards in the Arduino Community Awards 2017.

The award was presented at the Arduino Developer Forum in Toronto on Friday.

The winning project is called Odin, a platform for Arduino development that was launched last year.

The project was designed to provide a simple Arduino-like environment for students and teachers, but it also offers a more complex development environment with a large set of libraries, a web front-end, and a host of tools for prototyping.

The Odina team says it is committed to creating an open-source Arduino platform for all ages.

“The community has been very welcoming and understanding,” said co-founder and CEO of Odina Alexeyev.

“We’re not afraid to push boundaries.”

The project also won the best project of the year award in the category of “most impressive development environment.”

The Odin project is designed to be an Arduino-style development environment for children and adults.

The team says the project was built using a combination of open- source and commercial components, and it is available as open source under a GPL license.

The company says the Odina platform was developed in collaboration with Odina’s customers, the Odin Group, who offer education, training, and business services.

The winners are announced each year at the end of the Arduino awards, and this year’s winners are all members of the Odinas community.

In the previous year, the winning projects included the Odins 3D-printed Arduino, the “smart glasses” Arduino, and the Odinia mobile application for Android.

The winner of this year was announced last year, and is Odina.

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