The mindy Project, the Mindy Project: Stargate, Mindy, and the Making of a Movie (Video)

Posted by’s Mark Segraves on November 22, 2017 02:25:31Stargate and the Mindys Stargate Project, both produced by Mindy Pictures, are both set in a fictional world in which the mindyproject has launched a program to explore alien life.

Stargates a series of interdimensional wormholes that allow the exploration of other dimensions, and are a staple of sci-fi movies like Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

But the mindys Stargates are not as big as those of SG-2 or Stargate Universe, and so the mindies Stargate project began with the idea of bringing the show back to the big screen with an original story.

“When we first conceived of the Stargate Stargate, it was a story of a woman, and a guy who were trying to make it in this big business,” Mindy executive producer Amy Pascal said in a recent interview with THR.

“We knew that we wanted to have a story that would be bigger than anything we’ve done in a movie before.”

Mindy’s original Stargate storyline, which took place in the year 2155, focused on the story of Elizabeth Weir, who was born into an affluent family in the city of San Francisco.

Her parents were prominent in the City Council, and were responsible for her upbringing, which was mostly centered around the city and her parents’ business.

“The reason why we decided to bring that story to the screen was that the story is very much a universal experience,” Pascal said.

“It was a universal theme for a lot of people.

When we were thinking about the story, we had a sense of how it could work in a modern way.

We really knew how to make a movie that was about the human experience, which is something that we really wanted to do.

We didn’t want to do a Hollywood version of a Stargate.

We wanted to create something that was a new kind of storytelling experience, and one that’s not just about science fiction but that’s also a universal story that’s universal in the sense that it relates to so many other stories that are around us.”

As the series began to develop, Pascal said the team realized the show would not only be an important part of the mythology, but that it would also help connect with viewers.

“If we could just get this story out there, and get it out to the world, that’s really important to us,” Pascal added.

“I think what we realized is that this is a story about how to deal with this enormous opportunity that this world has.

The idea that this story could be used for the very next thing we do that’s going to affect the world is just incredible.

I mean, it’s amazing to us that we’re going to be able to be involved in this story.”

The original series of Stargate went on to win the 2009 Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series for Out of the Mind, which featured the voice of Elizabeth on the show.

“Our minds were blown.

We were blown away,” Pascal recalled of that Emmy nomination.

“To think about how many millions of people are going to tune in to see this show.

It’s an incredible opportunity.

It makes us really, really happy that we got to be a part of it.”

The Mindy Mindy project will be directed by James Gray (the film version of Stargates SG-3), with executive producers Marc Platt (The Secret Life of Pets, The Secret Life Of Pets 2) and Mindy Pascal serving as executive producers.

The series is set to be produced by Sony Pictures Television, who previously developed The Mindys Hollywood franchise.

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