Which Linus will become Linus’ new partner?

Google is launching a project to help develop an open-source version of its operating system.

The Linus project, or Linus for short, aims to provide a unified, open source, Linux-based operating system to enterprises, which would help them develop, deploy and manage the software.

This will be done through the Linus Operating System Foundation, which will oversee the project and support its ongoing development.

Google said in a statement on Monday that the project would “ensure a uniform open source platform for enterprises.”

The Linos project was launched by Google CEO Sundar Pichai back in March and aims to be “the most open-minded operating system for developers” and help build a “more agile, scalable and secure Linux platform for applications and the cloud.”

It is currently focused on providing developers with a unified Linux-platform, and Google is also working to open up the project to other companies to use as a base for new projects.

It’s not clear when the project will actually launch, but Google said that it will begin by using the Linux kernel, a software source code format, to produce its operating systems.

This will allow Google to continue developing its own versions of the operating system that will be more secure and easier to deploy.

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