Friends project 11 has a new name and is going to release an anime series

A new project that aims to bring together the friends of the anime series K-ON!

is coming to the web in 2019.

The project was launched by the anime studio A-1 Pictures and will release a 10-episode anime series called Friends Project 11.

The new series will feature the original characters and storyboards from the anime.

The anime series will have a 10 episode run starting in 2019 with episodes in theatres and on home video.

The series is a spinoff of the popular K-On!

manga and manga series, and the company is also working on a live-action K-on!

spinoff, the anime’s official website says.

The first season of the series will be available in the spring of 2019.

There will also be an anime movie that will be released in 2019, and a series of live-work projects based on the manga series.

The manga series inspired the anime franchise.

The 10-part series will premiere in 2020, the project’s official site says.

A group of five friends form the first group of the Friends Project to meet after their first high school reunion.

Their high school life is a big change from the usual school life of the students.

The girls are different from the other girls, they can act like girls, wear clothing, etc. They are also the only girls with friends who are also in the group.

The other girls don’t know what to do after the reunion.

The boys are the main characters, the same as the main girl.

Each girl is trying to find her own way, to become friends with her friends and other girls.

This group of friends meets during the high school graduation ceremony, where they share their first kiss, and also have to attend the same school as the others.

The group is formed by the group of girls, and their relationship is not the usual high school relationship between girls.

It’s more like a friendship between boys.

The main character is named Minako and the other characters are named Chie.

The five girls are: Aoi, Shizuku, Risa, Miku, and Misaki.

Each of the girls are friends with the other.

The show will feature music composed by Shōji Hayashi and lyrics by Kazuki Miyazaki.

The story is set in the fictional town of Omiya, which is home to the members of the K-Class.

Each day, they gather at the local school to eat lunch.

They share a school building and share a room, and each member has a favorite character from the K Class.

When the group is around the same age, the members feel that the other members are the most interesting.

The members also have a common interest in K-class activities, and share their thoughts on things.

The plot focuses on the five girls meeting each other after their high school reunions, as they look forward to meeting their friends again.

The movie will focus on the KClass as they are in high school.

A-I Pictures, the company behind K-Series, has also released a new K-Show episode.

The episode is titled “K-On!” and will air in 2019 on A-Movies Channel.

The K-Project website also describes the anime as follows: A-series’ latest anime project will take place in a magical world and features the K series’ main cast and a new character, Minako, who will be the main character of the film.

In this story, Minako is a girl who is always smiling and has a special friendship with the K class girls.

Minako will also play the role of a member of the girl group who can do everything.

In order to save the world, Minake joins the group that the girls in her class have formed.

Minake will be portrayed by the K’s main character, Aoi.

The film is expected to be released during 2020.

The official website also says the anime will be a new spinoff.

The website also states the anime project is a new project for A-i Pictures and is a continuation of the story of K-project.

A new collaboration with A-Movie is also expected.

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