When Trump signs $4.6 trillion bill, his first budget blueprint is ‘a nightmare for the environment’

By ROBERT HAYES | Washington Post staff writerThe House passed a $4 trillion bill Thursday that would cut funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies to balance the federal budget.

The bill includes an additional $1 trillion in cuts to programs that fight climate change and promote clean energy.

But it also includes $4 billion for a “clean energy tax credit,” which would be aimed at encouraging more American companies to invest in the use of solar, wind and other renewable energy.

The measure also includes a proposal to double the tax credit to $2,500 per person and increase the standard deduction to $24,000 for individuals and $58,000 per couple.

The bill also includes new limits on charitable contributions, which would allow individuals to deduct the cost of their medical expenses, but would not extend the tax benefits to their charitable giving.

The plan would also include new spending cuts to the Energy Department, which Trump has repeatedly accused of taking away American jobs and threatening to bring jobs back to the U.S. by reducing energy efficiency.

The $4,610 average per family would be about $100,000 less than the current budget, according to a report by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, which has said that Trump’s plan would result in higher taxes for middle-income families.

The tax bill includes $1.6 billion for the “Clean Energy Tax Credit,” which is aimed at boosting the energy efficiency of homes and businesses.

It would be available to businesses that have a carbon footprint of 10 percent or less.

The credits would be awarded to up to 100 percent of the cost to offset the greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change.

The Tax Policy Institute said the bill would raise about $7 trillion over 10 years, but that would be a “tiny fraction” of what the Trump administration estimates the cost would be in the next decade.

The Senate has passed a similar bill and passed it last week.

But the White House has repeatedly threatened to veto it.

The House also approved legislation Thursday that increases the child tax credit, which is now $1,000, to $1 for each child under 6.

The credit is currently $1 per $1 of child tax liability.

The Senate’s bill also provides $1 billion for grants to help states reduce carbon pollution, but it is unclear whether those grants will be used to offset any cuts to climate protection programs.

The budget would also eliminate an existing tax deduction for charitable giving, which was $2.5 billion in the House bill and would be $4 million in the Senate.

The House bill eliminates the tax deduction and would not make it available to households making more than $200,000 a year.

Democrats and some Republicans criticized the measure.

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) said it would take the “courage of the American people” away from the wealthy and make it harder for families to afford the costs of their health care.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) of Massachusetts said the proposal would “make it more difficult to afford basic health care for our kids and families.”

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Patty Murray (D, Wash.) said that while it is “not the first time we have been criticized for not taking climate change seriously, this time it is particularly egregious that Republicans would go so far as to eliminate an opportunity to lower our energy costs by doubling the tax credits for energy efficiency.”

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