BBC’s Project Rose: The first year of winter is over

It was cold, and the snow was falling on the streets of Brooklyn on December 16, 2015.

In New York City, temperatures were dropping, and New Yorkers were being forced to get out of their homes and into the freezing cold. 

“It’s like, ‘What is happening?’,” said Michaela Tymans, who was in Brooklyn at the time.

“The temperature was so cold.

People were like, what the hell is going on?” 

Tymans was on her way to work in her Brooklyn office when the news broke. 

The cold was now a regular feature of New York’s winter, but not everyone was feeling it. 

It was already December, and the weather was still too frigid for the kind of outdoor activities that New Yorkers enjoyed during the warmer months. 

Tropical storm Jose was already developing in the Caribbean Sea and bringing heavy rain to New York and New Jersey. 

While some New Yorkers had already started preparing for winter, others were taking matters into their own hands, planning outdoor activities like snowshoes, ice-skating and hiking. 

 It would be a couple years before the winter really began, but New York was already feeling its effects. 

More than 6.2 million people were already living in areas with severe winter risk, according to the National Weather Service. 

According to National Snow and Ice Data Center, the number of temperatures below freezing fell from 2.4 degrees to 0.9 degrees per hour in November, February, March and April. 

In the mid-Atlantic and Atlantic regions, temperature drops below freezing dropped from 3 degrees (50 degrees) to 1 degree per hour in January, February and March. 

For all weather conditions, there was a 50% chance of freezing by the end of the year, according to the National Weather Service’s winter forecast. 

New York City was hit especially hard by winter weather, according to research from the National Forecast Office. 

Over the next six weeks, New Yorkers were expected to spend an average of $5,726 on winter gear at the end of December, from $9,841 at the end of January, $16,076 at December 30, and $25,621 at January 2. Even with the extra winter wear and tear the city could still be very rough, in part because of the lack of ice. 

On the other hand, winter has also increased the chance of deadly storm surge in New York, which can cause water levels to rise significantly in rivers and lakes, according to a report from the NYC Department of City Planning and Environmental Affairs. 

Winter has also created a unique situation where the storm surge is a major threat for the City of New York in the summer time when the water levels are still below their normal levels, a situation that can be severely contaminated with large amounts of ice, according a statement from the City. 

A study published in The Journal of Geophysical Research shows that in order for the ice to melt, you need at least 12 feet of water to form within the path of the snowstorm, meaning a storm surge of 12 feet would likely create a 2-foot to 3-foot wave and a 1-foot to 2-inch wave, according the JGRPA. 

So, if you want to stay in winter, think twice about how much ice you are going to wear. 

When the season does open up, it is not always a good idea to stay indoors during winter. 

But winter still doesn’t have to be as rough as in some nearby snowy frozen parts of the US, according Toe-Tying NYC, a group organizing a walk through the streets of Brooklyn to raise awareness about the effects of winter on the climate. 

Brooklin’s Summer Streets Festival has been one of the most popular events in Brooklyn since December 2015,

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