How will the Billion Tree project affect the Australian climate?

Posted February 07, 2018 08:53:51The $20 billion billion Billion Tree Project is set to create thousands of jobs in Australia, with the first jobs set to start in 2019.

But the project has been beset with criticism from the environment and climate change groups.

What you need to know about the Billion Trees project:What the project means for the climate:More than 100,000 hectares of land have already been cleared for the project, with more to come.

The $4.7 billion project will create 1,200 new jobs across the country, and will create more than 300,000 permanent jobs across Australia.

The projects new headquarters will be in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

The project is the first of its kind in Australia and is expected to create up to 600 permanent jobs.

Key points:The Billion Tree will create thousands more jobs across a range of industries, including agriculture, hospitality, tourism, manufacturing, construction, and miningWhat’s behind the backlash against the project?

How will the project impact the climate?

The project, the first billion-dollar investment in Australia’s history, will create the largest jobs network in the world.

It is expected that over $100 billion will be invested in the new industries that will benefit from the new jobs.

But critics of the project have labelled the $20bn project as a “bribe to the people”.

“It’s a bit of a bingo scheme to try and get people to invest in the country,” Professor Greg Hunt from the University of Technology Sydney said.

“They have a lot of promises in terms of jobs, they have a good deal of promise in terms and infrastructure, but they have never really put that much money in.”

It is a bit like a bribe, you know.

You’ve got to pay the people for a fair deal, you’ve got a good thing going.

“The environmental group WWF is also concerned about the projects environmental impact.”

But Mr Hunt said it was time for the country to stop the scheme.””

It’s an investment in the future, but in the past, that was not the case.”

But Mr Hunt said it was time for the country to stop the scheme.

“There is so much more work to be done in terms the environment,” he said.”[The Billion trees] is a way of saying, look, if you’re not interested in the environment, you’re an idiot, we’re going to make you think twice about investing in Australia.”

The Billion tree project is part of a $1 trillion carbon budget, with a focus on energy efficiency and green building.

It has been criticised by some environmentalists for failing to tackle climate change and has been accused of pushing Australia’s coal industry.


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