How to build a better digital library from scratch

CBS News has learned that Marshall will create a new project to help libraries digitize their books, with a focus on the digital space.

The project will include a digital catalog, with access to all content from every library in the U.S. and Canada.

Marshall has been at the forefront of digital efforts, creating the Marshall Project, which works with libraries and digital companies to digitize books.

He and his team have spent the last year developing the library project, which will be developed as a cloud-based service that can be accessed by libraries, students, and businesses.

“We’re not just going to take a snapshot and let libraries and libraries work on a collection of digital content,” Marshall said in a statement.

We’re going to use our cloud service to digitizing every single book in the library, in digital format, for everyone.

Marshall’s team has worked on a number of projects, but this is a unique project that we’ve never done before.

This will be the first digital library for the Marshall Program, Marshall said.

Marshall said the project will help libraries “get the most value out of their content.”

“Digital library collections are essential to many of the libraries and programs we serve,” Marshall added.

As of now, Marshall says he’s working with the Library of Congress to help build the project, but the organization won’t be able to open up their digital catalog until later this year.

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