When the tape goes black: The first public release of Microsoft’s Black Tape project

When Microsoft released its Black Tape product a couple of years ago, the project was billed as a way for the company to create a more secure way to share its files.

The idea behind it was to make it so Microsoft could quickly get back to developers when something went wrong with the code it was developing.

A few months after its release, Microsoft stopped releasing the project and the project’s creators, known as the Black Team, shut down.

Microsoft said at the time that the company would continue to support the project for the foreseeable future.

The project has since been quietly closed down, but the Black Tape team has kept working on its next project, a version of its Open Source Enterprise software that is intended to help small and medium-sized enterprises develop and deploy applications and services.

The project has raised more than $500,000 on Indiegogo to date.

Now, a small group of the team is taking the project to the next level by releasing a version that includes a more traditional application for Linux that can be used by anyone on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

“We’re doing this to bring transparency to the way we’re building applications for Windows,” said Mark Henson, the software’s creator.

“You can put it on a mobile device, but you can’t put it anywhere you can find a terminal.”

The Open Source software project started as an idea by Henson in 2012, but it’s taken on a life of its own, evolving over the years to include a number of other open source projects.

In the past, it’s been used to build applications for Android phones, which has given it an advantage over the native Linux-based Android OS.

The team’s Open Source enterprise software project is the second such project in recent years to use the Open Source Foundation (OSF) as a funding source.

OSF, which is an open source software foundation, is one of the biggest open source organizations in the world, with over 30,000 registered developers, and it’s currently home to many open source applications that have been created through its own open source initiatives.

Microsoft’s Black tape project has seen a similar evolution, as its developers have continued to work on it.

Microsoft released a preview version of the Black tape software to the public last year, and Henson said he was proud to be part of that first release.

“I think the fact that this project exists and that the project has been supported so long and with so much help and feedback has allowed us to continue to build out this product,” he said.

“I think it’s good to have a platform like this that’s designed for this type of use case.”

The project is also aimed at helping small and mid-sized companies that are building their own Linux-native applications.

Henson’s goal is to build software that will be as secure as the latest versions of Microsoft products, and that includes the ability to encrypt files using key management.

That way, the files won’t be readable by the end user.

It also means that a software update won’t affect the functionality of the software or make it harder for an attacker to take over a system, said Henson.

A small subset of the Open Software Foundation’s developers have contributed to the project.

In addition to Henson and the Black team, they include developers from the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC), a company that provides the foundation with open source tools and services to help keep it secure.

The MSRC has been instrumental in building tools to help companies like Microsoft work on security in the past.

“There’s so much software out there, and if you have a security vulnerability, there’s a way to exploit it and potentially make it worse,” said Chris Dixon, the company’s senior security researcher.

“The key is to make sure that the tools you use to manage the security are safe and can be trusted by people who don’t have access to them.”

The OSF’s new version of Black Tape is based on the Black Enterprise Suite, an open-source operating system designed for small businesses and enterprise IT departments.

It uses the OpenBSD operating system and has been developed by a team of developers who also work on the OpenSource Enterprise Linux operating system.

Microsoft says that the new OSF version is compatible with Linux, but that it has no plans to make its software work with the operating system itself.

As for the code that was written for the OSF project, the code was released under the GPLv2 license, which allows the use of the code in a non-commercial manner.

That means that the code can be redistributed freely, and Microsoft says it will continue to do so.

Henson says he’s looking forward to seeing how the new version works on the Linux desktop.

“This is just a great opportunity to see if there’s anything new that we can do to make this even better,” he told Ars.

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