How solar panels work

A new type of solar panel can power a car in just one hour.

That means a single solar panel could be used to power a home for just five hours.

The system is called the sunroold.

BBC News and the BBC Trust decided to show you how it works, and to explore how this technology can be used in everyday life.

1:20 Solar panels are already used to produce power in the UK to power the grid 2:00 A car could be powered by a solar panel, but only if it is installed at the right place The sunroosting system uses solar panels mounted on wheels to provide electricity to the wheels, which then collect the electricity.

It uses batteries to power both wheels.

There is also a system called the mala project, which uses a battery pack mounted in the front seat of the car to store the electricity generated by the panels.

These batteries can then be used by the driver to power their car.

A similar system is used in cars to power steering wheels and other systems.

The sun roosting panels are mounted in an area of the vehicle where the car would normally sit, but where it could be driven in a single-passenger car.

This way, the panels are always in the same place, meaning they only need to be moved around a few times a day to be charged.

3:15 Solar panels can store a lot of electricity for a long time Solar panels store electricity that can last for hundreds of years.

However, the technology can also be used for storing energy for periods of time.

The panels can be placed in a position where the battery pack is kept in a specific place, or they can be mounted in a car seat, so they can only be powered when they are needed.

3.5 metres long and 10 metres wide, the solar panels are designed to be mounted on a car roof, but could be mounted anywhere on the road 3.7 metres high and 9 metres wide.

4.5 tonnes of aluminium alloy, it can weigh up to 14 tonnes and has a surface area of up to 8.2 square metres.

The solar panels can generate electricity of up 30 kilowatts.

The energy is stored in a lithium-ion battery pack.

This battery pack contains three batteries, which together are capable of generating a total of about 600 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year.

When the batteries are discharged, the energy is released back into the solar cells.

This means the energy could be stored for hundreds or even thousands of years 3.8 metres long, and 3 metres wide and 10 meters high, the system is designed to hold 10 tonnes of lithium-ium batteries.

4 metres long 1.2 metres wide This solar array is used to store electricity.

2.3 metres long 2 metres high This solar module is used for storage.

3 metres long 6 metres long This solar system is connected to a power system which is also located in the vehicle.

4 metre long and 4 metres wide 4 metres high 4 metres tall The solar panel array has a diameter of 2.5 meters and an area measuring 7.6 square metres, or 1.8 square metres per metre.

The battery pack weighs up to 18 tonnes and contains six batteries, each capable of storing up to 6 kWh per year 4 metres large, the array is made of aluminium oxide, which has a density of 4.2 kilograms per cubic metre.

Each battery pack has a total capacity of 6 kWh.

The batteries are placed inside a aluminium foil.

The aluminum foil has an electric charge storage capacity of up 50 kilowats per kilogram of aluminium.

The aluminium foil is charged by electrolysis to produce hydrogen.

Hydrogen is an abundant, renewable and low-cost fuel that is used extensively in cars, planes, trains and other vehicles.

5 metres long 5 metres wide 5 metres tall This solar cell is mounted on the roof of a car, and has an electrical charge storage of up 80 kWh per month.

6 metres tall 5 metres high 7 metres tall 7 metres wide A solar array that could power an average-sized house for an entire month.

8 metres long 7 metres high 8 metres tall 8 metres wide The sunry battery packs are capable not only of storing energy, but also storing it for periods up to several years.

When they are charged, they can then power the wheels.

The vehicle’s electric motor is powered by the batteries.

A battery can also recharge itself in the future, allowing the car’s electric motors to return to their normal operation.

7 metres long A battery pack with an electrical power storage capacity capacity of 1,500 kWh per day.

8 meters long The solar array can store up to 2.7 tonnes of batteries.

This is the largest solar array in the world, and it can be installed on top of the roof.

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