When the sun goes down, the world is still awash with diamonds

A diamond has become an integral part of every project in the Brooklyn Projects office, from designing a sculpture to painting a mural.

“We’re always looking for something different,” said project director and Brooklyn Borough President Daniel Cianfrance.

“It’s something you can’t say no to.

And the fact that you can say no is just a bonus.”

Brooklyn Projects has over 1,100 projects on its books, including one with the world’s largest diamond, the Burmese zirconia, which is currently in storage at the Smithsonian Institution.

Cianfrique said the Burmon project is the biggest project the office has worked on.

The Burmon is the world famous diamond, and the first of its kind in the world, which was mined in the 1940s in the central Chinese city of Zhuhai.

The diamond, which has a diameter of over 6.5 metres and is a rare form of diamond, is an ideal shape for creating an intricate piece of jewelry, and has helped to create a unique look for jewelry companies around the world.

The Diamond City is home to the largest diamond mine in China, which mines nearly 2 million tonnes of the precious gem every year, but the Burmons diamond was created in an underground pit at a site in eastern China, in a facility operated by the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The Burmons diamonds were mined in two separate mines, but in both cases the diamonds were kept in storage until the end of their lives.

But in the case of the Burmans, the mines in the province of Henan are operating with high unemployment rates, so it is believed they will soon be closed.

In 2016, the first Burmon diamond was unveiled at a ceremony at the Burman Diamond Museum in Tianjin, China, where it was the first to be made in the Burma Province.

Now, the diamond is being used in the project to create the Burmero mural, which will be on display at the Brooklnies headquarters.

“The Burmons diamond is the first diamond in China to be created in a pit mine in Henan Province,” said Cianfar, “and the Buramons murals are the first piece of art that is created in the company’s Burmon Project.”

The Burmeros murals, which were created to commemorate the Burmenin festival, were made in partnership with the New York Public Library.

Project director Cianfrey says they will be in place by the end

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