Why is the Italy Women’s Super Cup team so talented?

In this issue of Football Italian we are looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the women’s team, analysing their strengths and flaws.

This week we are going to be looking at some of the new signings that have been made to the squad and also the main issues that have arisen since the end of the season.

The main issues this week are that the team lacks a reliable number 10 and a couple of players are yet to make their first team debuts.

The squad is now looking for a new number 10, but with the arrival of Graziano Pelle, the team will have a number 8 with more experience.

The team’s goalkeepers are not at their best, but they have also made some very good saves this season, which is very important.

The midfield is not bad, but is lacking in width and height. 

This article was produced by Football Italians sister site, L’Osservatore Romano, as part of the project “La Diva”.

It is an annual football analysis series that focuses on the key players in the Italian national team.

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