How to get rid of the ads you don’t need to read

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the new Lincoln Project ads and the new campaign to get them off the internet.

While the ads aren’t technically a new campaign, it looks like the internet is taking a step back.

The new ads are the first major ad campaign for the project.

They’ll air on local stations around the country starting Wednesday, May 19.

They’re also the first in-the-know ads to run online in a significant way.

And they’re a massive departure from previous Lincoln Project spots, which ran for years on local radio and TV.

The campaign isn’t about getting people to look at ads, said Rick Ruggles, Lincoln Project director of digital strategy.

It’s about creating a new connection with the public.

Lincoln Project has been making these kinds of digital ads for more than a decade, and they’re an easy, safe way to reach people who may have never been connected to the internet before.

The ads are intended to be accessible to the public without requiring them to have an internet connection.

“We’re doing something that’s incredibly simple and easy to use for a lot more people in a very safe way,” Rugges said.

Ruggles says that’s why the ads have been so popular in digital ads.

“I think people really like seeing these ads, they just really like that there’s a different way of communicating,” he said.

“That’s the way we do it.

And that’s what we want people to do.”

What is a “network”?

The first thing to understand about the campaign is that it’s a “narrative.”

The network is what people see when they search for a keyword in the ad.

They may be prompted to “read more” by the text, and then the ad will start with a link to read the full article.

Ruggle said that the ads’ purpose is to connect people with their local news, local business and to encourage them to get involved in the local economy.

“It’s a good way to help get folks engaged in the civic sphere,” Ruggle said.

“In other words, to show them the things that really matter to them and make them think about what they care about,” Riggs said.

The ads are meant to be an easy way for people to connect with their neighbors and with their fellow citizens.

The Lincoln Project uses real-time data to track which communities have the highest rates of obesity, asthma and depression among young adults.

The campaigns also look at which communities are experiencing rising homelessness and how that affects their local economy and residents.

Roggles said the ads are not trying to reach the middle-class.

They are meant for everyone who wants to connect to the city.

The ad is intended to reach every person who can’t easily find information about their local community.

“People want to get to know their neighbors,” Riggles said.

The campaign is aimed at getting that information out to the general public.

The ad campaign will run in a way that will keep people from turning off their internet devices.

But it will also be interactive, meaning people can go through the ads, browse and comment on them.

“The ads do the job of showing what Lincoln is all about, but they’re not the kind of thing that’s going to make people stop and say, ‘Oh, I wish I had more time to do that,'” Ruggs said.LIVE BLOG: New Lincoln Project ad is on the air in Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

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