Seattle bouldering projects with Monster Girls

A monster girl project in Seattle is about to begin.

A bouldering club is set to be established to offer a fun, challenging and educational way to teach kids about the geology of Puget Sound.

Project Director and owner of the Seattle Bouldering Club, Emily Shafford said she was drawn to the idea after seeing how young children in the Pacific Northwest were learning about the wonders of the area.

She was also drawn to this project because it would allow the club to continue its mission to teach girls about the world of bouldering.

“I thought this project would be a perfect way for the club and the community to continue our mission,” she said.

The project will have a two-week program and the club hopes to offer kids a hands-on program.

“Kids have been a lot of fun, it’s been a very positive experience for the kids,” Shaffart said.

“This project will allow us to do more and we want to make sure it continues to be a positive experience.”

The club is planning to provide a training program for girls that will include climbing and bouldering on a large scale.

“The project is all about educating girls about bouldering and bouldery,” Shatt said.

“There are so many different types of bouldery and different styles of boulders and it’s just about getting them to learn about all of them.”

It’s about teaching them how to use the rocks, how to properly use the tools and also how to be respectful of the other boulderers and what you’re doing on the rock.

“For more information, visit the Seattle boulders project website.

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