Lincoln Project: Why Lincoln’s legacy is important to Americans

The legacy of Abraham Lincoln is something to be celebrated, mourned, and celebrated, but one of the most important issues in our society today is how to celebrate the life and legacy of the first African-American president.

President Barack Obama is the first president in history to serve two terms.

He was the first black president, and the second black president to serve in the White House.

But as we look back on Lincoln, we have to remember that he was not just a black president.

He is a black man who also made great strides in his race and in his class, and he has had some very significant achievements as a civil rights leader and as a human being.

In a way, Lincoln is an American legend.

He created the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, the landmark civil rights legislation of the 20th century.

He campaigned for the Civil War and helped build the Civilian Conservation Corps, the first American military force.

He fought the Civil Air Patrol and the Army, and, as a result, helped secure and protect the borders of the United States.

But, perhaps most importantly, he was a man who fought against racism.

Lincoln was the founder of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and his work is being celebrated at the Lincoln Center in Washington, D.C., in a project called “The Lincoln Project.”

The project, launched in 2013, is dedicated to documenting the legacy of Lincoln in a way that honors the man who was one of our nation’s greatest presidents.

Lincoln is a true American hero and a true statesman, but his life is best understood through the lens of his African- American ancestry.

In this series, we will look at some of the things that people say make Lincoln a better man.

These are some of his words: “I am the son of a slave, but I have not been a slave.”

“I am not a white man, but neither have I been a Negro.”

“The Negroes and the white men have always been enemies.”

And, “I have always defended my people from those who would make me their enemy.”

“My people are not a race, but a nation.

And we are the children of Abraham.”

We will hear from scholars, historians, and politicians about how the Lincoln family, Lincoln’s family, and Lincoln’s ideas influenced the future of our country.

In this series of essays, we’ll hear from a variety of people about Lincoln and the legacy he left behind.LINKS:Read more about the Lincoln project: Lincoln: The Legacy of Abraham L. Lincoln and The Lincoln Library at the Library of Congress

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