‘Cyanide is not a toy’: Cyanide is dangerous for pets

The cyanide gas that was released by cyanide bombs during World War II has been found in a cat.

A cat in England was found with a cyanide capsule inside her stomach.

It was discovered by a cat expert, and the cat was tested and found to have a concentration of cyanide of 1.4 per cent.

The cat, named Coco, had previously tested positive for cyanide but tests were unable to prove it.

A statement from the Cat Protection Association said: “Coco’s test results indicate that the cyanide in her stomach was not from the gas released by the bombs.”

Coco was tested by the vet and found positive for a dose of cyanides.

“The cat was also tested for a similar concentration of gas, but it was found that Coco’s test result was lower.”

We urge the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into Coco’s case and find out whether it was a test error, and if so, what action should be taken.

“It’s not the first time cat owners have had to deal with cyanide poisoning.

A study last year in Japan showed that one in six cats was poisoned.

The UK government is now looking into the possibility of banning the cyanides used by the Nazis.

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