How the NBA draft will affect your team’s chances of winning

When the draft arrives, most teams are expecting to get a big name or two to bolster their rosters.

But with the NBA season wrapping up, many teams are hoping to grab the players they think will add value in the future, especially in the lottery.

To determine which teams will win in the draft, the NBA’s Projected All-Star Team has projected how many of their teams’ players will go in the first round.

In this year’s draft, we’ll focus on players selected in the top five rounds, including those picked in the second round and later.

The following is a guide to how those teams will fare in the NBA Draft Lottery:1.

Orlando Magic2.

Philadelphia 76ers3.

Miami Heat4.

Brooklyn Nets5.

Dallas Mavericks6.

Los Angeles Lakers7.

Chicago Bulls8.

Atlanta Hawks9.

Indiana Pacers10.

Golden State Warriors11.

Charlotte Hornets12.

Sacramento Kings13.

Denver Nuggets14.

Washington Wizards15.

Utah Jazz16.

Chicago Mavericks17.

New Orleans Pelicans18.

New York Knicks19.

Charlotte Bobcats20.

Portland Trail Blazers21.

Memphis Grizzlies22.

Detroit Pistons23.

Milwaukee Bucks24.

Brooklyn Hornets25.

Orlando Heat26.

Philadelphia Bucks27.

Denver Suns28.

Boston Celtics29.

Chicago Cavaliers30.

Detroit Pacers31.

Phoenix Suns32.

Toronto Raptors33.

Los Antonio Spurs34.

Philadelphia Warriors35.

Miami Pacers36.

Portland Blazers37.

Charlotte Hawks38.

Sacramento Nuggets39.

New Jersey Nets40.

Chicago Sun Bulls41.

Washington Celtics42.

Sacramento Pelicans43.

Atlanta Braves44.

Charlotte Wizards45.

Phoenix Trail Blazers46.

Atlanta Grizzlies47.

Orlando Jazz48.

Milwaukee Braves49.

Philadelphia Mavericks50.

Portland Pacers51.

Denver Spurs52.

Miami Suns53.

Boston Trail Blazers54.

Los Angles Mavericks55.

Memphis Hawks56.

Washington Knicks57.

Milwaukee Trail Blazers58.

Atlanta Bulls59.

Minnesota Timberwolves60.

Boston Nuggets61.

Philadelphia Sixers62.

Los Alamos Raiders63.

Brooklyn Trail Blazers64.

Los Padres 64.

Houston Rockets65.

Chicago Jazz66.

Milwaukee Pistons67.

Phoenix Clippers68.

Cleveland Cavaliers69.

Philadelphia Celtics70.

Detroit Rockets71.

Milwaukee Hawks72.

Phoenix Celtics73.

Brooklyn Cavaliers74.

Washington Warriors75.

Boston Bruins76.

Boston Nets77.

Boston Thunder78.

Sacramento Grizzlies79.

Boston Bulls80.

Charlotte 76ers81.

Chicago Trail Blazers82.

Orlando Knicks83.

Philadelphia Rockets84.

Philadelphia Thunder85.

Boston Clippers86.

Boston 76ers87.

Milwaukee Mavericks88.

Sacramento Trail Blazers89.

Portland Thorns90.

Cleveland Mavericks91.

Atlanta Thorns92.

Philadelphia Bulls93.

Milwaukee 76ers94.

Sacramento Hornets95.

Portland Celtics96.

Phoenix Hawks97.

Portland Warriors98.

Detroit Bucks99.

Philadelphia Suns100.

Atlanta 76ers101.

Washington Capitals102.

Milwaukee Jazz103.

Detroit 76ers104.

Atlanta Celtics105.

Milwaukee Rockets106.

Sacramento Hawks107.

Boston Spurs108.

Chicago Spurs109.

Cleveland Pistons110.

Atlanta Suns111.

Cleveland Warriors112.

Atlanta Mavericks113.

Boston Rockets114.

Washington 76ers115.

Sacramento Jazz116.

Milwaukee Grizzlies117.

Milwaukee Knicks118.

Boston Jazz119.

Milwaukee Raptors120.

Phoenix Jazz121.

Phoenix Blazers122.

Atlanta Raptors123.

Philadelphia Raptors124.

New Philadelphia 7680.

Milwaukee Nuggets125.

Detroit Knicks126.

Phoenix 76ers127.

Boston Hawks128.

Sacramento Suns129.

Portland 76ers130.

Washington Jazz131.

Detroit Jazz132.

Phoenix Thunder133.

Milwaukee Warriors134.

Phoenix Nuggets135.

Phoenix Raptors136.

Philadelphia Cavaliers137.

Portland Suns138.

Boston Hornets139.

Portland Thunder140.

Boston Knicks141.

Phoenix Grizzlies142.

Philadelphia Jazz143.

Boston Bucks144.

Portland Mavericks145.

Washington Rockets146.

Atlanta Bucks147.

Phoenix Pistons148.

Phoenix Cavaliers149.

Washington Mavericks150.

Atlanta Rockets151.

Phoenix Rockets152.

Portland Raptors153.

Boston Pistons154.

Philadelphia Hornets155.

Boston Mavericks156.

Philadelphia Nuggets157.

Boston Pacers158.

Washington Trail Blazers159.

Washington Pacers160.

Phoenix Thorns161.

Detroit Celtics162.

Milwaukee Blazers163.

Atlanta Trail Blazers164.

New New York 76ers165.

Atlanta Nets166.

Phoenix Warriors167.

Philadelphia Trail Blazers168.

New Chicago 76ers169.

Boston Raptors170.

Boston Warriors171.

Portland Nuggets172.

Portland Hawks173.

Atlanta Thunder174.

Chicago Celtics175.

New Charlotte 7680176.

New Atlanta 7680177.

Philadelphia Hawks178.

Phoenix Mavericks179.

Washington Suns180.

Boston Pelicans181.

Washington Raptors182.

Atlanta Spurs183.

Phoenix Knicks184.

Portland Bulls185.

Atlanta Cavaliers186.

Washington Hawks187.

Boston Suns188.

Sacramento Nets189.

Atlanta Pistons190.

Atlanta Pacers191.

Boston Cavaliers192.

Atlanta Timberwolves193.

Boston Lakers194.

Phoenix Wolves195.

Phoenix Pacers196.

Atlanta Heat197.

New Boston 7680198.

Washington Thunder199.

New Portland 7680200.

Chicago Heat201.

Portland Pelicans202.

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