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The head of Norse Projects, the Norse company behind Norse News, is a former Microsoft executive who has been leading its development efforts in recent years.

Norse Projects announced its first full-time hire in March, and its chief product officer is Matt Moulton, formerly a senior director for Windows and Internet Explorer at Microsoft.

Moulton joined Norse in September after working at Microsoft for several years, where he helped develop Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which is still used in Microsoft Office and other applications.

Moultons LinkedIn page notes that he previously worked at the New York-based software firm Intuit, where his responsibilities included building products for the firm’s corporate IT and data center.

The Norse News team also includes former Microsoft employees and partners.

The Norse News software is built on the same Microsoft software stack that powers Newsify, a news-feed app.

Moule, who also worked at Microsoft in the late 2000s, also has experience at the company as a software developer.

His LinkedIn page lists him as a “programmer, developer, and founder of Norse.”

Moulson, who is based in Santa Monica, Calif., is married with two children.

He previously worked as a marketing manager for Google and at Apple.

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