Rosie Project: The story behind the $7.6 million solar panel project in rural Alabama

A solar panel installation that has been the focus of a massive lawsuit in Alabama is being hailed by the solar industry as a major success story.

The solar panel company Rosie is in the middle of a class action lawsuit that alleges the solar panel developer misled investors and misled the state about the success of the solar panels.

The company’s solar panel plant in Rooster, Ala., is the second largest solar panel facility in the country and the second-largest solar project in Alabama.

It was built by SolarCity.

The company has also built a factory in Alabama for solar panels to be sold.

The solar panels have been installed on a lot of other solar projects.

Robbie Rozman, one of the plaintiffs, said his wife is a retired nurse.

He said he is a proud owner of a rosie power house that was built in Roster.

Rozman said he has invested about $1 million in the solar project and that he and his wife bought a second home and are renting it out.

We have invested a lot in our home and we want to get back to having some sort of financial independence.

Rosie founder and CEO Scott Kieler told ABC News.

He says the company has received nearly $5 million in investment.

The lawsuit filed by the state alleges that Rozman misled investors about the company’s success and misrepresented the solar installation.

The project was built to sell solar panels on the Roosters farm in Roosterville, Ala.

Kielers company said the solar facility is the largest solar project to be built in the state.

The Rooster Solar Panel Project is the third largest solar energy project in the world.

It is being constructed in a small farming community in rural northern Alabama.

In a statement, SolarCity said that it is “profoundly disappointed in the allegations contained in this lawsuit.”

The company also said that the solar plant “has a robust track record of generating reliable, long-term revenue” and is “one of the top five projects in the United States.”

The Solar Panel Technology Association says that the project has been in development for a few years.

The group said that Rozemans solar project is the “world’s largest solar photovoltaic project.”

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