What’s next for Canada’s human genome project?

A large-scale effort by Canada to sequence the entire human genome has reached its third stage of testing, with researchers having succeeded in extracting enough DNA from about 5,000 people to begin their analysis.

The human genome is a blueprint of our genetic makeup, and the work is a key step in advancing science and medicine in a country that has struggled to contain the spread of genetic diseases.

But it’s also a step that has been plagued by delays, cost overruns and political and legal obstacles.

More than five years into the project, the final results are expected to be published in June, according to an update on Monday from the Canadian Genome Project website.

The final genome results are considered definitive and represent the best available data on the genetic makeup of humans, according a statement on the project’s website.

But that will take time, with other projects still gathering data, and as the project is based in Ottawa, it has been hampered by political interference and legal challenges that have delayed the project.

In the meantime, researchers say the process is a big step forward in advancing human health, including identifying the causes of a range of common diseases and helping scientists develop better treatments for many.

The project has been beset by delays and political interference.

In August 2016, the Harper government, which is trying to reform the way Canada conducts health research, blocked the Canadian Human Genome Research Institute from conducting a second phase of testing on a second site, the Ottawa facility.

The Harper government was also trying to limit access to the data, including limiting access to those who are not a part of the Canadian Medical Association, which represents more than 50,000 physicians.

The Human Genomes Project was launched in 2008 by the Harper Government as a way to advance scientific research and to improve public health.

A second phase was launched this year to begin analyzing data from the Ottawa and Montreal sites.

In 2017, the first phase was approved by the Canadian Parliament, which passed a bill authorizing the project to continue for at least two years.

But as the Harper regime tightened the screws, the project was unable to meet deadlines and cost overrun.

In February, the Canadian government passed legislation allowing the government to cancel funding to the project and redirect the funding to other priorities.

But the Conservatives refused to approve the funding.

In April, the Conservative government announced that it would not allow funding for the Human Genomics Project to continue, as it did in the past, because it was a priority for the Liberal government.

The Conservatives have also blocked funding for an expanded version of the project that will analyze more of the genome.

This summer, the Liberal Government also announced that funding for a second study on a different site was cut.

The federal government announced in May that it had approved the second phase, but that it was not possible to proceed with the project due to the Conservative Government’s opposition.

The government has also blocked the funding for another study that will examine more of a specific region of the genomes, known as the East African region.

The second study will be completed in 2018 and will examine the human genome in more detail, according the Canadian Centre for Bioethics.

“This is a huge, huge accomplishment,” said Mark Mancuso, a co-director of the Center for Genome Sciences at McMaster University.

“We are in the final stages of sequencing the entire genome.”

He added that the results will help scientists understand how the human population has changed over time.

“There is a lot of work to be done and a lot more to do before we can get to that next step, but this is a very exciting time for the human genetics project.”

As the Harper Conservatives cut funding, the government has been forced to rely on private companies and scientists to conduct the genome study, said Manc, who is also a member of the executive committee of the International Association for the Study of Human Genetics.

That funding was being used to fund other initiatives, including the Canadian Genetics Consortium, a consortium of private companies to conduct research and conduct experiments.

The Conservative government has previously criticized the consortium, saying it has failed to meet its promises of greater funding and transparency.

“The consortium’s lack of transparency has resulted in a significant lack of trust in the consortium’s activities, which has resulted not only in the loss of funding, but also in a loss of confidence in the Canadian scientific community and in Canadian institutions in general,” the Conservative Party of Canada said in a statement.

The Canadian Genomes Consortium was created to support the international efforts to study the genome of human beings.

The consortium was created by the Human Genetics Consortium in 2009, a private company that collected and analyzed human genomes.

In 2015, it merged with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and was renamed the Human Geneome Consortium.

The first phase of the human genes study was launched last year, and will continue through the next decade.

That phase is now complete and will be followed by a second, more ambitious phase of sequencing data, which will include the

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