What’s happening with the Solar System project?

With the sun’s activity increasing and its activity on the rise, NASA has put a big focus on the solar system.

The agency has now put out a Request for Information (RFI) for proposals to build a solar system observatory, with the agency seeking $5 million for the project.

The project would be one of several major proposals for the space agency’s space-focused R&R Challenge, which runs through June 30.

The challenge is a collaboration between NASA and industry to develop a new space observatory.

One of the projects in the R&am Challenge is called the Solar Telescope.

The proposal calls for a 50-meter dish to be installed on the Moon’s surface.

The dish would have an optical instrument and a reflector that would be able to project light onto the Moon from the surface.

It would also be able do research to understand the composition of the lunar surface, and the effects that it has on the climate and other planetary systems.

Another project in the Challenge is the Lunar Thermal Emission Spectrometer.

It will be a small, microwave-emitting telescope designed to look for radio signals emitted by the surface of the Moon.

NASA is hoping to conduct a mission to look at the radiation levels in the lunar atmosphere and how it affects the Moon, but it’s unclear how long the project will last.

Another proposal in the challenge is to build and operate a large solar telescope to study the planets.

It’s unclear what the proposed structure of the telescope would look like, but a preliminary design was shown at the International Astronautical Congress in June.

NASA also wants to build an orbiting telescope to help understand the motion of the solar wind, which is thought to be the force behind all the planets and moons in the solar neighborhood.

Another major proposal is the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST), a proposed telescope that would see ultraviolet light that can be focused to observe distant planets and possibly distant stars.

The WFIRST telescope would be the first telescope of its kind to be designed to study infrared light and would be equipped with a suite of infrared cameras and infrared sensors.

NASA says that the telescope will be capable of detecting radio waves, which will allow it to study planets and other celestial objects.

NASA’s space telescope proposal also calls for funding for a research laboratory and a new facility at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

It also calls on the agency to support an international consortium to develop technology for the development of new space-based imaging systems.

The plan calls for the creation of a partnership between the private sector and the United Nations.

NASA has also been working on plans to build two large telescopes at the Johnson Space Center, and one of the two proposed observatories would be located in Texas.

One would be an infrared telescope that will be able see ultraviolet rays and the other would be a high-energy, infrared telescope.

NASA recently said that it plans to send astronauts to the moon and to a nearby asteroid by the 2030s.

The other proposal is called The Mars 2020 rover and would have the goal of returning samples of Martian soil to Earth.

The two proposals are being jointly developed by SpaceX and NASA, and they are both expected to launch in 2020.

SpaceX is already building a rocket to launch the spacecraft, but NASA said that the company will not be able build a spacecraft and would instead need to build its own hardware.

SpaceX currently has a prototype vehicle called Dragon, which it launched to the International Space Station in 2017.

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