How a 3D printer turned a man into a 3-D model of his own face

New York magazine is offering readers the chance to step into the world of 3-d printing.

For $150, you can print out a plastic model of your own face with a 3DS MAX 3D Printer that can be 3D printed in about an hour.

The software allows users to download their model and print it from a computer’s printer.

After printing, the model is placed on a paper backing that can then be 3-pronged to print the other side.

It’s basically a printed-out plastic face.

The printer takes the 3D model and places it on the printer.

The 3-dimensional printer is a new product called Odin and was developed by Odin, a startup founded by two former University of Michigan professors, Paul T. Sollars and Eric W. Ziegler.

In a video announcing the product, Sollards explains how Odin is a printer that can print a model from a 3d model that is made from the original model and the original print on top of it.

It works by placing the model on a printer, and then the model prints on top.

Sollards and Zieglers say that the model, which is 3-millimeters thick, can be printed in any color, and that it can be used for all sorts of projects.

The company has partnered with some major companies, including Adidas, and is now offering the product for a limited time.

The company has said that the Odin 3D Printing product is available for $150 on its website, but it also has an iPad app that lets users print the model out on their phone.

The app is free, and it will also be available in the App Store.

The app can be purchased for $19.99.

In the video, Ziegling and Sollivers explain how they got their start in the industry.

They started in the video game industry in the mid-90s and were recruited by Atari to create games for its video games line, including Atari 2600 titles like Space Invaders.

They later joined a startup called Game Design Associates, which was founded by former Atari executives, including Steve Jackson.

Ziegler and Sullars were part of the team that created the first 3-ds Max 3D printers, which are now owned by a handful of tech companies.

They have said that Odin’s 3D printing software could potentially be used in other areas of the 3-dot printer industry, like manufacturing.

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